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Why I need feminism.


try it on tumblr

Would you look at that.

But NAFALT and SNARF, right ladies?

Also, Google search results can be staged. Google analyzes the searches of the individual computer and/or IP and gives suggestions based on that. It’s not a universal thing. Nice try.



I’ve had some health issues come up that will require me to go to the doctor pretty often until it’s under control. With no “real job” and no insurance, obviously, this isn’t cheap. I’ve been staying with family a lot this past week so I haven’t been able to do much on regular commissions, but my sketchbook stays with me. So…I’m offering some sketches to cover doctor visits and general everyday bills.

These will be pencil sketches with fairly clean lines and rough shading. No shipping! Sorry! 

X . X . X 

Payment through paypal only!

To order, simply drop me an email ( or DA note (email is preferred though) with a short character description and references!

Standard commission terms apply!

Reblogging for support!

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