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Topic: what lead you to your antifeminism, antiliberal, mra, antiideology, or just a general ‘I hate all of you idiots’ stance in life?

My anti-Feminism stems from when I was very egregiously (and not to mention wrongly) accused of being a ‘misogynist’ and ‘woman hater.’ When it happened, I was lamenting the fact that I was always treated very poorly by my female peers all throughout my school career, which led to some deep-seated psychological issues that I still suffer from to this day.

After stating this rather personal issue that I struggle with daily, cue some loudmouth “Feminists” bursting onto the scene, and saying that that shouldn’t have come to any surprise to me, seeing as how I “don’t understand” women, and “regularly objectify” them by taking screenshots of virtual women in video games wearing swimsuits and whatnot.

Yeah, that was their reasoning. That. Video game characters (you can see them if you scroll through my blog here). Unbeknownst to them, I’m actually very kind and caring towards women, other men, and everyone in my day-to-day life, albeit having some trust issues towards females due to the aforementioned school issues. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have really cared about what they said, but them saying those blatantly false things began a large downward spiral for me socially, and made me lose all of my credibility and likeability; completely tarnished my reputation and friendship with a large group of people that I had grown to care about deeply.

Never was able to mend the bridges they forcefully burned for me, either. Most of those people still dislike me to this day, though their reasoning has become a bit more blurred, but treating me like garbage is just the “in thing” to do at this point.

But, yeah. That’s why I fight those lunatics. Especially when I see them throw around such powerful terms like “misogynist” for the dumbest "offenses."







Cool, so how about only people that pay taxes get to decide what we do with those taxes?

I bet you wouldn’t be quite so interested in signing onto THAT little proposal…

What about vagina-penis interactions? Should we have a co-ed committee? Or does that fall under “about vaginas”?

Actually my favorite part about this attitude is that it literally silences millions of women whose duly elected representative is male.

Good point.

Took me a minute to find this. It addressed an identical argument in relation to the Texas Senate Bill.

"But lets go with your argument that men need to stfu on abortion.  Hell, we’ll even focus on the Texas bill.  If we restricted it to just women, forcing the men to abstain(coincidentally censoring the voice of every woman he represents)would it have even existed? Yes, it was authored by Jodie Laubenberg.  So it officially exists now, so lets look at female senator votes in Texas.

In favor:


(source of vote tally)

     That’s it. Only women in the Texas senate being allowed to vote. Even without the help of men, even in the face of protestors, the bill would have passed.  We restricted the debate to your rules, in the process denied the voices of thousands of women who’s opinion is represented by those men, and the bill still passed.  The problem isn’t men.”

I tried pointing this out to a feminist a while back, and she still tried arguing with me that it was somehow all men’s fault.

Like, feminists cannot accept that sometimes women are their own worst enemies, or that not all women agree on feminist causes, and it’s going to bite all us ladies in the ass sooner or later when we realize that women are not immune to voting or acting against their best interests. (Probably sooner.)

P.S. This is why I prefer “getting shit done” to following any sort of ideology. It’s a whole lot easier to properly solve women’s issues when you’re not wedded to the ideological notion that women’s issues are solely caused by men.

^This last comment though. Perfect.

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Idk I think feminism should be called something different like common sense or something

Idk I think those supremacist misandrists are quite lacking in the whole ‘common sense’ factor.

Also, lol @ ‘misandrist’ not being recognized by my PC’s dictionary (red squiggles underneath it), but ‘misogynist’ is. Of course.

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