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Actually, I find pretty much anything I didn’t come up with unattractive (and maybe unsettling, too).

I’ve got a bit of a superiority complex when it comes to that stuff. I just can’t get into someone else’s creations the way I get into my own. I mean, I guess it goes without saying, but I find what I can imagine to be immensely better than what you, dear reader, can imagine.

It’s nothing personal, though. It’s just how I’m wired. I’d try to change it, and be more accepting of other people’s work, but I really just can’t.

…which is why a lot of ‘popular’ artists I keep up with seem smarmy and hacky anymore. They draw their own characters and settings, and I just roll my eyes, because 90% of them look like shit to me.

Am I a dick (rhetorical, but go ahead and tell me, anyway)?

It really chaps my ass when I see artists, or whoever else, talk about how they “aren’t that great”, etc.

It’s like, I wish I could suck their ability out of their brains for just one day and reduce them to drawing stick figures and block people like five-year-olds do, and then see if they appreciate their skills a little more. Like, goddamn, modesty is cool and all, but own up to your talents, ya dicks.

celestialblade asked:

C, J, M, Q

Okay, let me see what those were.

C. Where would I like to live? Well, just about anywhere quiet, a bit off the beaten path, where all the stores and entertainment I needed to survive in my day-to-day life were only five or ten minutes away, tops. If we’re speaking in terms of a specific country or region, I’d have to say Sweden or Switzerland.

J. Favorite movie? I really don’t have “favorites”, but the movies I really enjoy the most are long-ass, epic adventure movies, a la the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, Avatar, things like that. The longer and more awesome, the better! I really dislike this rather disturbing trend of movie critics, reviewers, and average moviegoers saying that “anything over two hours is too long!”. That’s bullshit; super long movies are amazing, if they’re interesting.

M. Random fact? Uhh, there’s not much I’ve not already said, but I like to talk to myself in funny voices when I’m in the shower/driving somewhere/alone in general. I’ll have full conversations with myself as different ‘characters’, and those usually spark creative ideas for writing, and other things. As an aside to that, it bothers me when people act like talking to yourself makes you mentally ill or something. Everyone does it.

Q. Nothing right now, but at work, I listen to a local podcast that I find goddamn hilarious, "A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan". Two Orlando radio-personalities-turned-podcasters, along with some other staffers and guests, just kind of bullshit and riff on random stuff. Sometimes I have a hard time not bursting out laughing whilst working.

I think the reason I act up a lot and am generally unpleasant to people is because I really like attention, but almost never get any.

So, instead of working to gain positive attention, I just focus on the quick n’ dirty “satisfaction” of negative attention, since positive is a lot harder to receive from people, and negative is extremely simple to attract.

I worked that out rather quickly once I sat and thought about it.

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