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Anonymous asked:

What will you play while PSO2 / twc being a dick?

I’ve been playing Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall on Steam. Bother very fun games. The former is a bit easier than the latter.

Also, when it comes in the mail, I’ll be playing Hyrule Warriors, of course.

But, I shouldn’t be without PSO2 for too much longer, hopefully. A friend knows someone who has a private VPN to connect with, and apparently doesn’t have a problem with giving me access to it, which is doubly good, for two reasons-

1. I can play the game again (duh).

2. Once SEGA inevitably starts banning people that they suspect may be using a VPN/proxy, the ‘big’ proxies, like CyberKitsunes, will be the first to be targeted. So, it’ll be good to stay off that grid.

kaijuromance, I’ve tried the standard PSO2Proxy that the community usually uses. That doesn’t work for some reason.

I also tried Pingzapper, which doesn’t work for me, either.

I’m not sure about any other options. Those are just the two I know about. Like I said, if anyone out there has any other suggestions, lay ‘em on me.

Well, guess I’m done with PSO2, everyone.

Since TWC and all the ISPs that are affiliated with them randomly dropped connection to the site and game, and the available proxies and programs aren’t working for me, looks like that’s the end of the road for me.

I’m pretty agitated about it, obviously. A decent amount of money and time dumped into the game to have the enjoyment cut short for matters beyond your control will do that.

I mean, if anyone else has other suggestions of ways to get back into the game, I’m all for listening, but I don’t expect there to be many left.

Okay, that’s it.

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