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Before you chime in against the “white knights”, ask yourself this simple question: “Would what I’m about to say get me yelled at or punched in my stupid fucking face if I said it in real life?”

4 Ways Gamers Still Suck at Dealing With Women

#4. We’re Incapable of Mature Conversations About Gender

There’s a baffling disconnect where gamers want to be taken seriously, but they also want to be able to call Quinn (or Anita Sarkeesian, or Brianna Wu, or Jennifer Hepler, or the woman who just chainsawed them in half in Gears of War) insults that the average convicted sex offender would consider over the line. They want to have their asshole cake and eat it too.

Well, guess what? If you can’t talk like an adult, then you have to keep sitting at the kids table. But I’ll let you in on another secret: it’s not hard to talk like a sane adult human.

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Sorry Cracked, you’re nothing but Feminist and SJW propaganda nowadays. Complete utter shit. No one should take your opinions seriously. You, Kotaku, and all of those other sites have become infested with these parasites, and need to be purged and brought back to what you were before.

"Gamers" don’t suck at "dealing" with women. Immature losers do. There’s no correlation there besides that both the ‘gamers’ and these asswipes both happen to play video games. Stop dragging down everyone who likes to hold a controller (or keyboard/mouse if you’re a PC person).

Also, I can’t help but think that the “dealing with women” part actually sounds a bit degrading towards women, like they’re loud children that need to be “dealt with.”

Anyway, y’all can shut the fuck up and stop trying to brainwash the masses with your incomplete information and confirmation bias out of your echo-chambers. Sites like you that try to shame people that are into certain hobbies because of some bad apples are grotesque. Good day.

Can I please stop making people I just met feel really awkward by saying things that you’d usually only say to someone you’ve known for a while?

I have a bad habit of saying rather racy and/or risque things to people I don’t know that well, and, even though they don’t say it, I can just tell that it makes them feel awkward and uncomfortable, and sets our friendships progress back significantly.

Anyone give me a bit of “life coaching” here?

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